Why TopOutlines?

TopOutlines was created to democratize the process of getting quality outlines, and allow students to profit off of their hard work.

Buying and selling outlines at law school can be an unreliable, lopsided process. In person you can never be entirely sure of the quality of the outline you’re getting, and selling outlines online at competitor websites basically only profits the outline distributor, not the student/creator of the material.

At TopOutlines we split the sales of each purchase of an outline with the student who created it, and we have a review system wherein only those who actually bought the outline can have a say on its quality.* Additionally, law students get to price their own uploads, ensuring that the hard work of creating a thorough, well researched outline is rewarded with a fair price.

Through accountability, free market principles, and technology, TopOutlines makes the process of getting an outline reliable, and it makes the process of selling an outline fair and profitable.

*The student gets 70% of each sale and TopOutlines gets 30% of each sale.

History of TopOutlines

TopOutlines was created by co-founders John Walter and West Kraemer at The University of Miami School of Law in 2013. After much success at UM, we went through the nightmare of dealing with shady, unreliable web developers as we tried to expand our platform to function nationally. After dealing with this for way too long, one of our founders got fed up relying on the technological expertise of others and decided to learn to code so that he could make the website himself. Now TopOutlines is back and is focused on expanding so that every law student can enjoy the benefit of selling their hard work online and getting reliable outlines that were vetted by their peers.




John and his lovely wife Stephanie.

John Walter is the founder of TopOutlines and lives in Miami Beach with his lovely wife Stephanie. He is a practicing attorney, a devout Christian, and is originally from Alabama.

West Kraemer holding up an American flag on a boat with water in the background.

West in his natural habitat.

West Kraemer graduated from the University of Miami School of Law with John and decided to get into the tech field to learn to make this website. You can read about that transition here. West is from New York City and hosts a podcast called Two Jews and a Mic.