Sellers: At TopOutlines you can post your Outlines and set the price of how much it will sell for. You put up a preview of the Outline to help it sell, and people who have bought it can review your content. So, if you want to keep selling your Outlines and establish a good reputation, make sure your content is thorough, well labeled, and helpful to a person taking the class. Additionally, buyers get 70% of their sales, while TopOutlines receives 30%. This is all automated, so all you have to worry about it uploading awesome Outlines and letting the money roll in.

Buyers: You can look at the previews of Outlines posted, and if you leave a review, you get 10% off of your next Outline purchase. We encourage leaving a review of every Outline you purchase so that TopOutlines becomes the best resource possible to get well vetted, quality Outlines at a fair price.


Price Guide

Most Outlines sell for around $20. If you think yours is better than average, try setting the price higher. If you’ve got a specialty item that merely goes over one aspect of the class, albeit in extreme detail, try selling it for $10.

All of that being said… this is a marketplace. See what the market can bear. If you can sell your Outlines for more than we suggest, go for it! Some ways to improve sales are by sharing links to buy your Outline on social media, getting great reviews for your content, and good old fashion word of mouth. So, if you’ve got good content to sell, get out there and spread the word!