Wow. We’re off to a really fast start. I knew that we had done a lot of business in our past incarnation, but what we’re seeing now is blowing us here at TopOutlines all away.

We’re seeing extremely encouraging sales figures, we’re seeing high traffic on the site, and we’re seeing law students buying and selling outlines like crazy!

This is all incredible. TopOutlines was started by two law students who, at the beginning of all of this, couldn’t code, had never run a business before, and were not even especially great law students. However, maybe our lack of experience was a blessing. We didn’t know how hard it would be to create a website like ours before we started building it, so we just did it. And we didn’t know how challenging running a business could be, so we just started one and found out.

Sure, there have been stumbling blocks and setbacks along the way. We lost several thousands of dollars to a huckster website company that took our money and didn’t build our site. We tried out some early business models that didn’t work as well as the one we’ve got now. And we made a lot of other mistakes too!

But, through it all, we never gave up. We took each setback as it came and, like Dory from Finding Nemo, we just kept swimming.

So, if you’re thinking about coming out of law school and opening up your own law firm or you want to try something a little non-traditional, and someone tells you it’s too hard, or that you shouldn’t do it because you don’t have enough experience, think about TopOutlines. Sure, our path to the top was long and winding, but we made it, and you can too. Just keep at it and don’t let setbacksĀ make you stop trying.