TopOutlines is a digital marketplace for law students to buy and sell outlines. It was created by co-founders John Walter and West Kraemer at the University of Miami for two purposes:

  1. To democratize the process of obtaining quality outlines.
  2. To allow students to profit from the hard work of creating outlines.

When we initially started the site, we noticed that there were several problems relating to buying and selling outlines in law school. In no particular order, these were:

  • First, when selling an Outline, the deal that our competitor offers is that you upload your outline (the product of your hard work and long hours at the library), and then they will give you one outline once. After that, they sell your outline and and don’t give you, the creator, a dime of the sales generated from your hard work, ever. THAT’S A TERRIBLE DEAL FOR A STUDENT! Your hard work is worth more than that. So, we built a marketplace where every time we get paid, you get paid. In fact, you get 70% of each transaction. That’s the same deal that Apple offers to App developers to publish Apps for sale.
  • Second, there was no way to verify the quality of an outline that you get when you buy an outline online or in person. If you buy an outline online, who is it reviewed by? Someone who has taken the class you’re taking? I doubt it. At TopOutlines, we only accept reviews from students who have bought the outline before you, so you know our outlines are vetted by people who have relevant opinions on the quality of what you’re purchasing.
  • Third, if you get an outline in person, you have no way of knowing if the person who is giving it to you is handing you something good. Did they give you a bad outline and keep a good one for themselves? Did they get it from a law review’s outline bank? Did they get it from someone who even passed the class? If you randomly get an outline from a friend, you have no way of where that outline came from.

TopOutlines was created to solve all of those problems. We pay you for your outlines every time they sell, you set the price of the outlines you post, your outlines are reviewed by people who buy them, and you know who you’re buying from. TopOutlines is the best way to get quality outlines both online and in person.

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